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The Dominance Of Being On The First Page Of Google

The Dominance Of Being On The First Page Of Google

Introduction & Explanation

Let’s start with a joke that asks, “Where should you hide the dead body that you do not like people to find?” Well, the answer is on the 2nd page of Google. Of course, it is traditional. But still, the statement has some truth. On a Google search seventy five percent (75%) people do not go past the 1st page. That means you do not get too many users click on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page.

The users click increases traffic on your site which helps you to get ranked on Google.  If your website ranking on the first page, it will naturally gain much users click than the 2nd or 3rd page of course. That is why there are thousands of websites trying to reach the first page of Google’s search results. In the next few paragraphs, we will explain the Dominance of Being on The First Page of Google briefly.

Some statistics about the websites which are on the first page of Google:

Getting the 1st page of Google’s search results is the absolute goal for marketers. Here are some statistics about the websites pointing out how many of users click 1st, the second and third result of the Google when you search for a keyword.

According to the Academic research who publishes that, ninety-one percent (91%) of users do not scroll past the first page of the search results and over fifty percent (50%) users do not scroll past the first three results on page 1.  However, the data varies depending on the keywords, industry, niche market, and keyword competition.

The statistic shows that “the page one of Google’s search results received an average CTR of 32.5%, page two received CTR of 17.6% and page three received CTR of 11.4%.” So the first, second and third (#1, #2 and #3) capture 61% of clicks of the Google when you search for a keyword.

Optify reports that “being the 1st page in Google, it gets same traffic or clicks that are going to the page in the second to fifth positions.” According to a report (performed by Optify from December 2010) the averages CTR for Google (1st page to 10th page) were: (1) 36.4%; (2) 12.5%; (3) 9.3%; (4) 7.9%; (5) 6.1%; (6) 4.1%; (7) 3.8%; (8) 3.5%; (9) 3.0%: and (10) 2.2%.

Chitika also published a report (May 2010) where the averages CTR for Google (1st page to 10th page) were: (1) 34.35%; (2)16.96%; (3)11.42%; (4) 7.73%; (5)6.19%; (6) 5.05%; (7)4.02%; (8)3.47%; (9)2.85%; and (10) 2.71%.

Another study by AOL (August 2006) were: (1)42.30%; (2)11.92%; (3)8.44%; (4) 6.03%; (5)4.86%; (6)3.99%; (7)3.37%; (8)2.98%; (9)2.83% and (10)2.97%.

After analyzing all these statistics, it becomes more understandable that there are more than 90% of users click come from Page 1 placement. That is pretty amazing than the other pages of Google. Moreover, page 2 gets about 5% where the page three only gets 1% of users click.


How can SEO boost your sales/activities?

One of the most proven techniques for getting ranked on the first page of Google is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO not only helps you to get ranked on the Google but also boost your sales as well. Let’s see how you can boost your sales through SEO:

  1. Increased visibility:

The time you apply SEO to your website, and it be done correctly – you would get your website ranking better for your targeted keywords.

  1. Increased revenue:

Throughout the increased visibility you will get more traffic to the website. The growing number of traffic also improves your business as the customers who stop by would surely want to purchase something from your site. Thus your website revenue will increase.

  1. Bring in targeted traffic:

The SEO is the most effective way to separate the unwelcome visitors from your site. For instance, when you marketing leather products, you might get the customers who are looking for something that is made of leather, until the SEO would narrowing that search area to “leather products” only.

When the narrowing down is complete, it implies that the customers who do visit your site are actually those who are wanted to purchase leather products. Targeted traffic suggests higher benefit for minimum effort and for that you have to thank SEO.

  1. Placement ahead of competition:

SEO is best practice for getting ranks on the Google which helps your business to go ahead of the game.  It would make competition request you for links which would be a win-win condition for all as this would more promote yours and your competitors ranking.

  1. Create a special niche:

Throughout the SEO you can focus on targeted keywords that joint the online user to whatever you are offering for sale – service or product. When you do an SEO for your site then you can make a particular niche for yourself which would further make sure that you go ahead in the market. Creating a niche is one of the most potent ways to make sure that you keep a leading position without too much effort.


Having the competitive advantage through SEO:

As an internet marketer, you will get some competitive advantages through SEO. Notably, the competitive advantage SEO implies that you have:

  • Website with content that your target clients & company prospects love to read & share in a hard to copy & scalable mode.
  • The on-site optimization that is considered as a quality which is familiar to competitive advantage SEO & good SEO.
  • Keyword research plan that is set to your content creation program. This implies that you give materials that respond to present keyword demand even before it becomes applicable.
  • Skilled content creators & website owners recognize the material advantage of linking to your content on a regular basis.

Is it possible to be successful without SEO?

It is common to all of us that SEO is the most effective and successful way to bring traffic to a site. Nevertheless, for some of us, SEO seems like the only means of traffic & grow search results. But I think it is a bad thing to consider SEO as the only means of traffic & search results.

So the question arising on people’s mind, “Is it possible to be successful without SEO?” well, the answer is yes, you get success in your business without SEO. Here are some easy ways to draw traffic to your website without SEO:

  1. Blog Commenting:

You can usually include a link when you leave comments on blogs that customers are managed to when they click your name on the comment. Find some blogs and sites that are related to your niche & get solid traffic.

Look for the most recent posts. Get the most clicks for the first few comments. Post a comment that includes worth to the conversation. Stay on the subject. Get and read the comment of the site plans if it has one. Hold a record of each blog that you commented on.

  1. Video Marketing:

Video marketing is an effective way to increase targeted traffic to your site & reach targeted consumers. You do not need costly software, professional writing skills to get started. Generate an attracting title that draws customer’s attention.

Video titles can draw strong traffic. Add related keywords in the title. This type of advertising provides you the chance to prove your skills & knowledge, thus positing yourself as a specialist.

  1. Article Marketing:

You will find many possible reasons on why you need to start using article marketing. It can assist build backlinks to your site, make you a power to your niche & get visitors indirectly.

If you published a very informative article then possibilities is that it is going to be chosen by other bloggers who does not have the time to manage their own content.

  1. Social Media:

You can also promote your site through social media sites like Digg. Then you can truly have some traffic without applying too much effort. Also you can prove yourself as a power & generate a following in your Twitter and MySpace profile.

  1. Guest Posting:

Write guest posts to blogs that are relevant to your niche. Always going through a blog that has a sound & responsive visitors and write unique and targeted content to the readers.  I would prefer to add a link back to my website with my keywords in it.

  1. Classified Ads:

Classified ads are the most effective and free source for getting traffic without doing an SEO. There are some websites accept people to post classified ads including a related graphics or picture. Gently choose and list the websites that accept backlinks.

Write an enthralling ad that allows people to see what your business is about. Let them realize your current upcoming events, exhibitions, gatherings and business meetings. This type of advertising can draw traffic to your website almost immediately.


Why should you choose us for SEO services?

Since our inception, is known as the most prominent and confidential SEO company who provides quality services to their clients. We have a good reputation for promoting websites for search engines. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for SEO services:

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All of a sudden, it is comparatively easy for a local business to get seen on the 1st page of Google Results. But to find there & stay there needs a detailed understanding of how to complete your Google Places configuration and an agreement on what Google is searching regarding Citations & Reviews.

However, if you feel confused to do the job by yourself never feel alone. We are here for your help to get ranked in the first position of Google and related all of the services you need. So just stay in touch with and give us a chance to show our expertise.

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